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Why Tapal Infosys?

Tapal Infosys Professional technicians are voice professionals with wide experiences for mid and large size corporations from 100+ employees all the way up to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Each technician has experience in troubleshooting, implementation and administration of cisco Voice Over IP telephony systems.

Cisco Technology: Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Voice Gateways, Cisco Wireless Networking and Cisco Unity Messaging platforms.

Server Technology: Every technician is also required to be Microsoft certified, bringing additional Microsoft Windows experience for Server Environments, Active Directory (2000-2012) and Exchange servers (2000-2013).

Mobility Technology: Cisco Telepresence, Video Advantage and Mobility Solutions with Jabber for IOS and Android. Combines with Cisco UCS, C2XX series and BE6K platform for virtualized environments.

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Case Study – Global Real Estate Holding Company

Client is a trusted advisor to the global real estate industry. The company sets a superior standard for integrity and effectiveness and provides service to the world’s top 10 largest banks.

 With global communications needs, the company required a unified communications solution that kept the communication channels open across the globe, 24/7/365. With global markets always shifting and the need for remote work and video conferencing, the system also had to support staff coordinating national and international meetings and logistics.


The communications infrastructure of the client had become outdated and vulnerable to security breaches, making it difficult to  their system with company growth. Customer was running on Old MCS Servers @ CUCM version 7.1 which was highly vulnerable and out of compliance / out of support from Cisco. They also wanted to migrate from traditional PRI trunks to a centralized SIP Trunking Model.


Using their existing Cisco UCS infrastructure, our team migrated their technology from version 7.x to 11.x, transferring to a virtual environment. The system then was specifically designed to be fully redundant, modeled with multiple Cisco Unified Border Elements located geographically in order to support a centralized SIP trunk. After the centralized SIP trunk was in place, we were able to upgrade and migrate 15 total global locations (12 in the USA and 3 in Europe). CUCM, CUPS and Cisco Unity were integrated with Active Directory in order to allow for Centralized Management of all users for more control. The attendant console was deployed for receptionists and Cisco Expressway for telecommuting workers using MRA 8841 phones.

  • Design, rapid implementation and execution of projects for all Unified Communications Platforms.
  • Implemented Voice upgrade from CUCM 7.x platform to 11.x platform using Cisco Prime Collaboration Tool.
  • Implemented a centralized SIP Trunk model with Cisco Cube (replacing existing PRI circuits for all 15 world-wide locations.
  • Cleaned up and implemented a full E.164 Dial Plan for SIP.
  • Replaced all dated MCS hardware with new and improved Cisco UCS platform using VMWare 5.5.
  • Established ICT Trunk between Voice Cluster in the USA and UK to implement lease cost routing.


Client was delighted with the solution because now their company could take advantage of all the new features of a modern cisco unified communications system from Cisco Call manager to Cisco Unity Messaging server. They were especially delighted to take advantage of the new Cisco Expressway for remote users and this integrations helped reduce their telecommunications cost by 60% of their original expense. 

Case Study – Medical Research Firm

Client linked together pharmaceutical and research organizations to caring individuals who want to play a part in the advancement of medicine.

With three offices across the United States in Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago, the medical research firm needed a solution that kept their offices connected to get on-demand research results and pass case study information between teams spread across the country. Additionally, because of the nature of their industry, data security, backup and sharing was incredibly important to the communications infrastructure.


With three locations across the US, the client was struggling to find a way to centralize all their communication needs. Because the client was part of the healthcare industry, keeping track of all of the phone calls and proper follow-up with existing patients was a challenge.


Our team deployed a Cloud based Phone system to centralize their telecommunications needs without worrying about the high cost of long distance calling. We also implemented call tracking and call recording to empower them to go back and review old calls from their patients. Enhanced call routing features being implemented allowed them to never miss an important call while performing all the necessities for clinical research.

  • Administer and mainten Cisco Unified Communications platform.
  • Created communications environment that consists of 20 SIP trunks with NA dial plan.
  • Added Cisco IP Phone 7961G and 7941G Environments.
  • Edited, Updated and Added sophisticated user profiles to assist with technical issues and support.
  • Implemented and managed Microsoft Server 2008 R2 environment with complete backup & disaster recovery planning with VPN provisioning.


Client was excited about the process, on how the entire migration took place seamlessly and integrated with Salesforce CRM to track activity. The cut costs and centralization of a cloud based phone system empowered them to manage their communications whenever and wherever they wanted, and the client especially took advantage of Android and iPhone BYOD powered integration.

Case Study – International Distribution & Logistics Company

Based out of Tampa, Fl, the client handled both large and small scale distribution and logistics. 

Coordinating drivers, logistics and distribution, with offices across the USA and Canada, this company needed a communications system that matched their company’s timeliness, scalability and time-critical tasks.


Needing to upgrade their existing Cisco Call Manager to the latest version, while integrating new Cisco Unity abilities with Google Apps for drivers, they had a requirement to integrate the existing AD forest for incredibly easy user management. Additionally, they wanted to be able to take advantage of a SIP trunking model to reduce costs because PRI circuits were costing them a fortune because of how many remote locations they operate out of.


Not only did our team upgrade their existing system to the newest Cisco platform (implementing great features like visual voicemail and unified messaging), but we also helped them migrate from an old, traditional PRI based model to a completely centralized SIP trunk using Cisco Unified Border Element. We integrated their AD infrastructure to make user management, removal and addition incredibly simple and easy to use and also identified some of the old baggage – old lines that needed cleaned up and removed in remote locations by installing simple POTS lines on a local voice router. Custom scripts were created for their UCCX system for better call tracking and providing a solid support system.

  • Upgraded existing system to the newest Cisco platform.
  • Migrated communication system from a traditional PRI model to a centralized SIP trunk.
  • Integrated AD infrastructure (bottom line: easier user management).
  • Implemented POTS lines on local voice routers (cleaning up and removing old and abandoned lines).
  • Customized scripting for their UCCX system for better call tracking and support.


Implementing features like unified messaging and visual voicemail increased productivity tremendously – by an estimated 40%. Creation of a supervisor dashboard enabled management to track calls and use the full power of their UCCX platform, all while cutting operation costs by 50%!