Say Hello to Cisco Meraki; Say Goodbye to Expensive Tech Teams

Reduce Learning Curve to Zero

Finally…a phone that looks and feels like it was designed for the modern era. With an easy-to-use, high definition interface, effortlessly interact, navigate and work like never before.

  • Contact directory
  • Visual voicemail and call history built in
  • Hold, transfer, mute, and speakerphone capabilities
  • Interactive Voice Response and extension calling
  • Ad-hoc conferencing
  • Lock screen protection

Simple on the Outside, Extraordinary Tech Powering the Inside

We just love Meraki – in the past at Tapal Infosys, we’ve had to build and overbuild voice networks and systems for our clients. When a company is large enough, the investment is worth every penny and pays off dividends quickly. But what happens when that company only has 15-30 employees?

Before, that usually meant we had to over-build a communications network in order to have all of the security, safety and modern technology (such as voice, video conferencing and internet network creation) that the modern business needs. Why did we have to overbuild? Simply because scaling the network for new employees, new offices or just plain old keeping up with the newest security needs and communications demands of the modern era required it. However, for a lot of companies that were between that 20-40 employee mark ended up with more power than they needed…or worse they decided not to build their communications infrastructure and severely lacked the power and capability they need to keep their business growing, and thus stagnated growth.

Meraki Changed That

Now, we have an option for the medium sized enterprise that both saves on cost AND gives all the amazing benefits that the modern communications world demands. Because Meraki is cloud hosted by Cisco, we’re able to simply: plug n’ play.

That means that we’re able to put in precisely what the business needs today, while also being able to simply order a new piece of equipment, plug in and install when your business expands, without having to have a whole tech team dedicated to re-wiring the network.

That’s precisely why our team was excited about Meraki – and loves the effects it has for our clients.

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