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Tapal Infosys strives to connect people and teams with information. To enable you a comprehensive communications solution by combining together voice, video and mobility technology.

Your business phone system is much more than just a single technical architecture, product or even a single solution. It is the sum total of all of the methods and experiences that connect people with process through technology. In today’s world of lightning fast communication, relying solely on phone calls and emails is no longer enough. To stay competitive your company must be faster, better and communicate immediately across both local and remote teams of suppliers, partners and even co-workers and customers.

At Tapal Infosys, we deliver both the technical expertise and the strategic insight in order to create a dynamic unified communications system. We’re a Cisco Select Partner and fully certified in Cisco communications, networking and even microsoft technologies for maximum compatibility and flexibility.

Benefit From:

  • Reduced cost with VoIP Telephony for your entire roster of employees regardless of work location.
  • Effective and coordinated communications with Unified Messaging for email, voicemail, and enterprise instant messaging between employees, partners, and customers.
  • Increased internal operations efficiency and external customer responsivenessthrough real-time identification of available resources.

Your Benefits

Increase Your Productivity 75%

Collaboration tools on the enterprise level are proven to eliminate up to 75% of wasted time employees use on tasks like looking up information, scheduling meetings and duplicating communication.

Gain Instant Communication

BYOD and Mobility services from cloud-based Cisco infrastructure gives you the power to streamline communication instantly across all devices and platforms.

Get Seamless Connections

When your organization is seamlessly connected across devices and platforms, your team has the freedom to communicate, collaborate and stay productive anywhere, anytime.

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Just Some of the  Features

Cloud Collaboration

Tapal Infosys specializes in deploying Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). This gives you the ability to not only deliver more apps, but also easily manage it through a completely virtual platform (cloud-based).

With the world going almost completely mobile, knitted together with highly social and visual tools and communication tendancies, using Cisco Hosted Collaboration you’re able to get incredibly effective apps that tie together remote and distributed workers and branch offices. This empowers closer teamwork, faster implementation and decision making all while giving your team the power to work from anywhere with any device, whether it be android, IOS, Windows or Mac.

Typically a Cisco HCS infrastructure is recommended for companies who have over 200 people using (users) the lines – in fact the minimum number for deployment is 50. Cisco HCS includes:

  • Cisco UC Manager
  • Cisco Unity Connection
  • Cisco Unified Presence with Cisco Jabber messaging
  • Cisco Mobility clients
Unified Communications Infrastructure
  • Enable all employees to the freedom to communicate and collaborate using mobile devices (BYOD)
  • With Cisco Jabber, get instant access to presence, IM’s, voice, video, desktop sharing, conferencing and voice messaging.
BYOD - Mobility
  • Employees can collaborate using their own devices – keeping them productive no matter where they are located!
  • Integrated messaging via voice, video and instant message allows communications to be funneled to any device. In today’s world, communication doesn’t end just because you’re away from your desk!
Conferencing and Bridging

Take advantage of Cisco’s incredible cloud-based audio solutions for conferencing. Takes advantage of both on site (at your location), IP Telephony (phone network / system) in order to integrate advanced audio with a simple software integration, administration, upgrade and maintenance.

Collaboration Apps
  • Get the power to meet with your customers, colleagues and partners through any channel – no matter if it’s voice over IP (VoIP), video or even dynamic integrated web conferences.
  • Form teams, groups and task forces through immersive virtualized communities.

Empower members to share content, create HD video recordings and meet together, in order to enabling your staff to consult with experts and deliver completely personalized service to your clients in an immersive environments using Cisco and third-party platforms.

IM (Instant Messaging) and Unified Presence
  • Professional enterprise Instant Messaging: includes group & persistent chat with logging. Comes with a suite of b2b and b2c (business to business and business to consumer) IM features.
  • Through sped up communications and powerful collaboration technology, increase your team’s productivity. Communication channels extend to both external partners and internal teams.